Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I read this in my homeschool newsletter and had to share:

My daughter shared her insights after only one year of home schooling,   
"Mom, one thing I have learned during this year is just
how much time we spent standing in line at school.
We stood in line for lunch,stood in line for tickets for a pep
rally, stood in line to go to the library,to go to the bathroom,
to get on the bus, to do whatever! If we would have spent as much
time learning in the old school as I have at home with
you, it wouldn't take 12 years to graduate!"

~Sandra Grant Lee, Lubbock


Tiara said...

This is our first year in the school system, I love what Mason is learning but LOATHE all the politics that come with schooling.

The Walleys said...

Wow. That is so true. I have been researching homeschooling lately... Public school is scary. I almost feel guilty for sending Kailyn. But I feel guilty for everything. lol

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